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Collaboration with Mark Green

There are few people in this field who make their own iron and steel, do it well, and are fantastic craftsmen and people aside. Mark Green is one of these such people, and I admired his work since I began bladesmithing. I contacted him about doing a collaboration together and he responded favorably, so he sent me two of his home made steel blades to finish. 


One was a continental style seax and the other an Anglo-Saxon styled seax. I finished them both similarly, with handles made of local applewood, local birch bark, and moose antler. Both sheaths were made of wet formed cow leather and brass, but each had different stories carved into them.


The material these two blades are made of is incredibly beautiful. It is an ancient grain that tells the story of how it was made if you only know where to look and how to listen. It's made just the same way that the ancient Germanic people made their own steel and in this way it is a link to the past.