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This sword is based on a Petersen Type M, the most common type of Viking sword found throughout Scandinavia. This type is described as having the most simple guard and upper guard and is the most easy to forge. 


This blade was originally forged by Sam Halote, and later reforged, reground, and re heat treated by me due to an imperfection in the blade. The finished sword is handled in black walnut with the runes for 'Hausaklufr' meaning 'head splitter' inscribed round the grip. The scabbard is goat skin lined poplar with leather cord wrapped around as well as sword beads near the throat of the scabbard. The blade is four bars of steel and iron welded together. 


Weight: 931.8 g

Total length: 79.3 cm  

Blade length: 68 cm  

Blade width at base: 5 cm  

Guard width: 10.9 cm  

Grip length: 8.6 cm