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Amber Seax

This seax is based off of several original styles and pieces including the Nijmegen seax and a variety of other continental broad seaxes. It is a Norse weapon based on the Ulfheðnar using the Helm of Awe and herringbone motifs for the sheath work.

The blade is made from iron and steel, with the steel showing a subtle but beautiful hamon. 

I chose to use carved moose antler and maple for the handle, with a pommel piece made of wrought iron, a rare but historical touch found on some Norse blades. The amber was added as a request from the client, and I decided to mirror the stone and create a channel where light could shine through. The amber glows as if on fire from within when it meets the light. The brass work is very simple on purpose, showing restraint and allowing the eye to be drawn instead to the more complex carving and amber work.  

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