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Artifact Seax

This is a very special knife that was forged as a recreation of an original knife from the seventh century I got a hold of. I designed a handle around the original blade and began to recreate the blade out of wrought iron that was then case hardened. 


The handle is moose antler, blackwood, and brass, and is very slim as is the blade. The sheath was made of wet formed cow leather with stamped designs done by Elias Sideris and brasswork done by me. The presentation box was made by Greg Kline out of black walnut and is lined with birch bark I harvested nearby.


It was a real treat to be able to design something around an artifact and create a modern replica of what it could have looked like over 1000 years ago. I hope to do more recreations like this one in the future.


Total length: ~20 cm  

Blade length: ~10.5 cm  

Blade width at base: ~2.5 cm   

Grip length: ~9.5 cm

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