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Berserker Seax

This knife is based on the continental style seax, sometimes called a narrow seax. This style of seax often had a handle near the length of the blade. It has a thick spine that gently tapers to the tip and is balanced nicely. 


The blade is of san mai construction with a piece of 1075 high carbon steel in the middle and some beautiful old wrought iron on the sides, etched and polished back for a very subtle contrast. The handle is moose antler and mahogany with a face carved into the moose antler bolster representing a berserker. 


The sheath is a particular favorite of mine and is decorated with brass and freehand leather tooling framed by stamps forged by a good friend. The brass rings are riveted and the sheath is stamped with my mark. 



Weight: 168.5 g

Total length: 31.5 cm  

Blade length: 17.2 cm  

Blade width at base: 2.9 cm  

Grip length: 14.9 cm

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