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Fingrbitr is a pattern welded Viking style sword made by myself and Matthew Berry of Hopkins Forge. This is based off of a type Z in Petersen's typology. The size and proportions of the hilt components are based off of exacting research and study of original swords of the type though the carvings and ornamentation are intended as an evolution of the Urnes style.

The blade is forged out of four bars, three counter twisted bars in the center of the fuller with straight and twisted sections, and an 800 layer edge wrapped around. The fuller continues up the blade nearly to the tip and is typical of a Viking Age pattern welded blade. It is flexible and strong. The hilt fittings Matt made are carved by hand in wax, later cast in bronze, and then cleaned up and finished individually. When the blade and hilt were assembled I took it back and created the scabbard, made of linden wood wrapped in linen with risers wrapped in leather. The scabbard is stitched in the back and finished with an ash bridge for use with a belt. Matt created a matched set of locket and chape for the sword to finish off the snake theme of the blade. 

This sword weighs 1273 grams or 2lbs and 13oz, has an overall length of 94 cm or 37 inches with a blade of 77.5 cm or 30.5 inches. The point of balance comes in at 6 inches from the lower guard, and center of percussion and forward pivot points are close together, 21.25 inches and 20 inches respectively. It is a formidable sword with weight behind it, but with a thin and agile blade lending itself to easy handling.

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