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Jarntǫnn is a historically styled blade made in the Norse style but with touches of Japanese inspiration. For a long time I have studied both of these styles and come to the conclusion that not only are the quite similar in many ways, but that they are also complementary. The bolster is made from iron with ten-zogan silver inlay and a dark sabitsuke patina applied. The handle is made from some nice bird's eye maple with a drastic teardrop shape as is found on some period originals. 

The blade is made from bloomery materials made in a traditional Viking style furnace. The edge is steel folded to remove impurities, and the center bar is twisted material made from low and high carbon bloomery material. The spine is made from folded bloom iron. The sheath is tooled leather with several classic Viking designs including some carving based on Mammen style ornamentation and fitted with sterling silver. There are runes carved into the sheath giving its name.

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