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This is an older style of seax often found with a well preserved sheath, with most of the brass and leather intact. It is a style I have loved for a long time, but early attempts were met with destroyed and twisted strands of metal. This was the first success.


The spine is wrought iron and the twist is nine layers of wrought and pure iron. The edge is 1075 high carbon steel. The handle is curly white oak and carved moose antler.


The sheath is made of cow leather wet formed over the blade and trimmed to shape with brass fittings and riveted brass suspension rings.


The tooling is based on two separate Norwegian sword hilts and is freehanded into the leather with some simple hand tools. My mark is stamped in the center with a punch I forged myself.



Total length: ~50.8 cm  

Blade length: ~38.6 cm  

Blade width at base: ~3 cm   

Grip length: ~15.2 cm

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