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Multibar Hearth Seax

This knife was made from three bars of home-made heath steel. The steel was made by the light of the full moon and refined to make the different parts. In the hearth process I can control the amount of carbon, and so the spine of this piece is made of phosphorous iron, while the middle and edge bars are made of steel. The edge is made of high carbon steel with around .7 percent carbon, and the middle bar is lower in carbon and also less refined to show a bolder pattern in the twist.

This material is the same as would have been used in premodern times by bladesmiths to make edged tools, and working it is both immensely difficult and satisfying. Technically a blade like this is more difficult to make than a pattern welded sword made of modern material. This material has given me an immense appreciation for the predictability of modern metals. 

This blade was given a handle of Russian bog oak and moose antler.