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Petersen Type H

This is a rather small viking sword with what are arguably the most recognizable Viking hilt fittings. This style was around from about the ninth century to midway through then tenth, and was very popular. Swords of this type vary widly, some with wide, heavy blades, and some with thin, light blades. This sword is of the latter type, and is very well-balanced.


The blade is made of 15n20, 1075, and 1095, with two alternating twist cores and a wrapped edge. The handle is of walnut with a hemp cord overwrap and iron fittings with brass rods joining the pommel cap and upper guard. In between the pommel cap and upper guard is a soldered band of twisted silver and steel wire.


The scabbard is of a simple construction, with two poplar slats covered in linen and hemp cord. The belt slider is made of beautiful bird's eye maple and bound with more hemp cord. This sword is extremely flexible, and I have bent it to about 70 degrees with no problems. 



Weight: 888.6 g

Total length: 80.25 cm  

Blade length: 67 cm  

Blade width at base: 5 cm  

Guard width: 12 cm  

Grip length: 10.25 cm

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