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Single Edged Type K

This sword was created for a good friend and researcher who has had the chance to study many original Viking Age swords. His area of interest is singled edged swords, the type K being the rarest of them and appearing exclusively around Dublin. I was able to study photos, measurements, and tracings that he made of several originals to base my work off of. This sword is an interpretation of several different artifacts including an Irish sword and a Norwegian sword.


We chose a fairly under represented 7 lobed pommel design for this particular sword and I wrapped the pommel with silver wire. The blade is made of four bars, one of wrought iron on the spine, two interrupted twisted bars for the core and 300 layers on the edge of the sword. The scabbard is made of wooden slats lined with Icelandic sheepskin sheared short and wrapped in linen and leather with risers. The handle fittings are forged from wrought iron with inlaid twisted silver wire and the grip is made of wood covered in cord and leather. The blade measures 30 inches with a 4 inch grip, and the sword weighs 1036 grams.

I sent the sword to my friend Matthew Berry of Hopkins Forge for a baldric. He mirrored the colors and textures I used in the sword beautifully. The sword was named Sylvrhvirfill meaning silver crowned in Old Norse.  

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