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This sword was made under the guidance of Peter Johnsson of Upsala, Sweden. He has been conducting study and research of many original swords made throughout the centuries to understand their design and function. His theories on geometric design in the use of sword making are groundbreaking and have sparked a lot of independent research that supports his ideas. I was lucky enough to take part in a class where I spent a week working under Peter and learning the design tat he employs for his pieces.

This type XVIIIC is a heavy and stout sword, weighing nearly 4 pounds and measuring 4 feet in length with a 36 inch blade it is the heaviest and longest sword I have ever made, but using Peter's methods the nodes and mass are finely adjusted so that the sword handles as a real sword should. It feels light and moves with purpose. Careful attention was placed to the hilt nodes, the point of percussion, the pivot point, and the distribution of the mass of the blade. The sword itself is made of 1075 with 1045 hilt components and a tooled leather grip over a wooden core. This sword will receive a matching scabbard. 

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