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Ulfberht Type H

This style of sword was popular from the ninth to eleventh centuries. It is likely that the name inlaid into the blade was the family name of the smith who began to forge these swords. There have been conflicting accounts as to what type of steel genuine swords of this type were made of, with some believing that Indian crucible steel was used to create the blades, and others thinking that well refined bloom steel was used instead. Many fakes made of iron or low carbon steel have been found, and it seems that the brand name Ulfberht drew a lot of business.


 This particular blade is forged from 1095 and inlaid with 15n20 and 1075 letters. The blade was rough forged, then the channels were cut and the leters forge welded into place. Through the final forging and grinding I lost some of the letters, showing that the channels need to be deeper and I need to forge even closer to shape.


The handle is made of walnut wrapped in cord and leather, and the fittings are cast in bronze from waxes that I carved myself.



Weight: 888.6 g

Total length: 80.25 cm  

Blade length: 67 cm  

Blade width at base: 5 cm  

Guard width: 12 cm  

Grip length: 10.25 cm

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