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Wire Wrapped Broadseax

This piece was made for a client who wanted a classic broadseax blade with a laminate blade made of wrought iron and 1084. I burned one of his wisdom teeth during the initial billet welding to imbue the blade with his spirit. The blade is 18 inches with a 10 inch handle made of carved moose antler and an ashen handle wrapped with fine silver wire. This was an interesting project as people rarely make this style of seax. The surviving tangs on examples like this are often quite long and wide, suggesting the handle was as wide as the blade and probably tapered towards the butt. I chose to continue the lines of the blade through to the handle and made the cross section of the grip very thin to make it easier to hold. This is a fairly light piece, weighing 715g despite its size and a 6mm spine. The blade is 2 inches wide at its base and has gradual but consistent distal taper to just before the point. The bolster is carved with a herringbone motif on the face and honeycombs on the side. 

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