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Zeb's Seax and Matt's Belt

This seax was made by Zeb Deming, a wonderful historical maker with an eye for proportions and a huge talent for historical pattern welding and home made steel. It features a beautiful wolf's tooth pattern in wrought iron and W2 with two twisted bars for the spine. 

I made the sheath for this piece in an Anglo-Saxon style and attached it to a belt that I made with Matt Berry. He skillfully carved all of the belt panels and helped me assemble it all into the belt you see. The divider was carved by me to replicate a divider found on a belt I saw at the Field Museum in Chicago as part of a traveling exhibition. I suspect the original once held garnets in the holes it had, so I carved my wax with holes in it, which happened to be the perfect size to set 3mm garnets into them.

These two pieces are great examples of work by two brothers in craft, and I am proud to have put them together.

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